FOJCX - Race Dates announced

FOJCX race dates now up on the blog:

Race Dates:

1.Shakedown Race - Sunday July 27 (full dress rehearsal)
2.Race 1 - Sunday August 31
3.Race 2 - Sunday September 28
4.Race 3 - Sunday October 19

Fields of Joy CX



Whats the go with license and entry etc? For n00b like myself who havent raced before?

unofficially i believe they will be offering 3 ride licences.
MTBA/CA as always.
best to email them to ask…

Get a MTB License, if you are gonna race FOJCX and DDCX (nek year) it will work out cheaper (or the same cost).

Or a CA license if you might do a roady race.

I had a lot of fun on Saturday checking out this course (or the main features at least). Heaps of fun when you’ve got some space around you, that first lap will be a bit crazy though.

Racing should be a lot of fun for riders and spectators. Lots of off-camber sections and a couple of serious little pinch climbs.

MTBA are offering free trial memberships