Font nerd AND bike joke?

Damn straight!

Dude, I almost banned you for posting a joke that awful.

Fuck that is awesome

Hahaha. :smiley:

I know, it was terrible. It’s even worse when you do it in his voice (in your head).

On a semi-related note, I watched a documentry on John Entwistle (bass player of The Who) last night. It was okay.


Frank: “They call it speed dating. Our victim had 15 dates”
Horatio: “Well you know what they say frank… speed kills”

I struggle with jokes like this becasue i expect them to be funnier than they are, and i think fuck i must not get it, but sure enough i did.

Haha short and sweet.


Newton and Leibniz

i hapenned upon an episode the other night…my god he’s bad/hilarious.

two episodes

I don’t get why he’s putting a second pair of glasses on.

Cos he can!


to keep shitty font puns going, i did try to call my black cat “helveticat” cos he is small and black but got overruled :frowning:

however, most people agreed “metallicat” was awesome name for the grey cat.

My cat’s name is Ernest. Or Ernie, or sometimes Ernie-Kat-Nievel

That was the funniest part about it!

(read: only funny part)

it’s signifying the movement of the sunnies from his hand to his head, r-tards. like motion lines. he says the punch line as he puts the sunnies on

he already had sunnies on in the previous 2 panels.

yeah but no but yeah but no but you are still all r-tards.