Foofy bike owners - Collapsible crate interest?

ill taketh one. but only cos of ikea colorway

ok, im in, i’ll have a black one thanks … Just joking, I’ll come to your place and rattle can, install it.

This is for Blue & yellow only!

Unless you can convince everyone to spend $30/crate on the CRESBIs.

Gothcha white text :slight_smile:

Damn you! I even saw the extra lines in the quoted text that I deleted! :slight_smile:

If anyone wants the smaller 29x38x12cm, black, free ones, I can get some.

Yeh I will also take a very big orange one that will fit a cargo bike.

BYO orange paint

Just when I thought I had been a successful smart arse. Tip of the hat to you sir!

hey, get your own material joke thief!

Yes please!

Bah, saved you the trouble of posting it :stuck_out_tongue:

These are in Bunnings at the moment
Made in Italy so plenty of panache

Only $7.95
My guess is about 390x240x210h
Made by Tontarelli

Thanks Dayne!

Bulk order cancelled, go to Bunnings errybody.

Yeah but how much is yellow paint?

Gonna have to get one of these for future foofy exploits.

Looks like collapsable cat trap. Need two.

Can confirm plenty of these at the Coburg bunnings… Also had some massive size ones (blue) for about $15