foot retension hotness needed

sorry, im sure this is covered somewhere but i cant seem to do an advanced search for it as a topic.

currently have dmr v8s and bo gear straps. looking for something else thats easily adjustable on the fly. like the look of skin grows back straps. anyone rock them? any better suggestions? also happy to get some plastic pedals the replace the v8s as the pins are overkill!


Been running skingrowsback for about 10 months now, going great, very little sign of wear, hold your feet in tight, would recommend.

This, Skingrowsback straps with Odyssey twisted’s. 2 thumbs up from me.

I used skingrowsback/bmx flats for 9 months before downgrading to eggbeaters…

They can be adjusted quite easily on the fly which is handy for all your Vans Sk-8 Hi/Sperry Top-Sider transitions. Never had a problem with the skingrows back straps, notwithstanding their chunky appearance.

The eggbeaters on the other hand :mad:

at the risk of sounding like an arsehole, let me sound like an arsehole and ask how you spelled ‘retention’ in your search.

shut up asshole :wink:

got some custom skingrows on order. cheers!