Lacrosse is the new football.

the name “football” actually refers to the fact that it is played on foot, rather than on horses.

when you speak of australian rules football, you are speaking of essendon. no other team matters. especially not laura’s.

That kind of thing could scar you for life.

A Collingwood supporter would never do such a thing.

No, but knifing a Sherrin is a whole other level. A Collingwood fan would go there*.

If you wanna choose NRL teams, Russell Crowe does a nice line in South Sydney hoodies and other assorted gear. Oprah approves.

  • except me. And I’m only a 'Pies supporter to annoy my Melbourne-based brother more than any genuine interest in AFL.

My Dad goes for Collingwood, so does the short stocky European man who calls me ‘Will’ who owns the paint shop near work.
I don’t want to be alloted with them, especially when I’m not even that keen on the suburb.
I’ve only been to Essendon once, and that was when I was lost, trying to find Slinky’s house. I didn’t like it there.
I did sorta follow Essendon when I was a little boy, but when I say ‘follow’, I mean ‘was given a hat by somebody’.
My bosses like Melbourne and Carlton, and those seem to be the only teams I hear about aside from GWS, who I thought must be the winning team because the jerks on S.E.N. were saying that they had all this money to give to out of contract players and stuff.
My sister likes St. Kilda, maybe I should go for them?

Broncos and Qld

I’m a record settin’ kinda guy!
Someone give me a trophy or something.
Or a bike.

thats nothing i joined in feb didnt post till march and im on 500 allready ;

if you become a St Kilda member and tell 'em you’re only 5 they’ll send The Age to your house. Much cheaper than buying The Age.

then this is now your team for life, son. welcome to the fold. here are some names and facts for you to remember:

jobe watson: can now kick straight
patty ryder: up and down
dustin fletcher: is old
michael hurley: sean the man’s cousin, no longer beats up cab drivers.

^yep, sorta followed Essendon, means you follow them. No buts about it.
Welcome to windy hill.

Essendon supporters are so pushy! You’re like little Greek saleswomen, trying to make me buy an I’ll fitting pair of slacks that apparently make me look ‘sew naise’.
Not happening, I’m putting my skinny jeans back on and getting out of your neat-casual apparel store.

Collingwood for you then.

Collingwood because I like skinny jeans?

…but still the best full back in the competition.

i cant believe nobody has commented on this. i thought my brother having chris judd around for dinner a couple of times was neat, but knowing the brother of one of the bigger scandals in recent AFL times has to top that!

The actual rules are that your dad or granddad has to have followed the team, or you have to live in the city/suburb.


In that case I’d have to go for Brisbane Lions, I lived 2 blocks from the 'Gabba for a while.
Or I could go for St Kilda, my Dad was at the '66 Grand Final where they won the flag.

Or I could just accept that I don’t give a fuck.

At first I was like ‘umm, what?’ and then I was like ‘oh, eww’.