I don’t know anything about football and I don’t care much for it.
But being a tradesman, I think I vaguely need an idea, and a team to ‘follow’ (as in, buy a scarf, go to a game once, and know their ‘main’ player).
So, erm, what’s the deal with football? I figure some of you may take an interest.

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Is this a new record…


Go left field follow Melb stom NRL ftw or if you must follow afl ST kilda they have the best scandals.

AFL= Essendon

I think you should follow one of the new teams - Gold Coast or Greater Western Sydney*. Then, when they’re actually competitive in a decade, you will be one of the original supporters.

*GWS haven’t actually started yet.

Don’t listen to Brendan (or daniel). They just lost three in a row.

By the way Dylan, it’s footy, not football. And if you go to a game and someone gets tackled, yell out ‘ball’, you’ll fit right in.

Just don’t become this dude…
YouTube - ‪Funny AFL Supporter‬‏
or this guy…
YouTube - ‪Crying Geelong Fan‬‏

league or union is where its at!! none of this arial ping pong u victorians call football haha :slight_smile: i have to admit it is grwing on me though after going to a game at the MCG was pretty awesome even though i didn’t understand what was going on haha

^lets not start a code war. Dylan is a melbournite, so he must support Essendon FC

^ …and hate Collingwood.

i got asked if i was a collingwood supporter haha must be due to the chipped and missing teeth :stuck_out_tongue: haha

Are you in this pic?

EDIT:fellow footy nerds, is that Russell Robertson on the far right

how sad, that attractive gent appears to be crying

haha yeah behind that blue poll :stuck_out_tongue:

(AFL) Footy - Adelaide Crows
Football - Queensland Roar/Manchester United/Real Madrid
NRL - Broncos
Super Rugby - Reds

these are the teams to follow.

*and when you say football it actually means “soccer” it’s come to this.

It’s about time.

Even though i technically support Calrton (I was six when they won the premiership in '95 thus they were the team i chose) I think you should support Western Bulldogs. I pretty much support them. My family roots are from Footscray and i have two people in the family who played for them back in the day.
Once, i went to the footy when i was a kid, back when you were allowed to go on the grounds afterwards. It was Steven Silvangi’s 300th game, and Carlton had just lost. I was playing kick to kick and a drunk Richmond supporter grabbed my footy and kicked my footy into the crowd. I never found it. I cried. I think I was 11.

I’m a bigger ‘soccer’ fan than afl fan, but I don’t think this is the place to be arguing semantics

so true, go roar, go you good thing