for next season.

Give nikcee a fluffy dog or better wheelie skills and he has row #2 or column #4, respectively, nailed! (You do need to complete a H/V/D row to get BINGO don’t you? I’m not 90 so I don’t know)

haha this is great!

also, i thought you had to get them all to get a bingo?

bingo is connect-5, spotto is where you (try to) get them all

don’t you live in frankston? because it’s showing…

Shouldn’t there be a box for calf tattoos? Or am I getting confused with alleycats?

don’t forget bmxs

unfortunately, no…only by association.

lols, i’m gonna stick drops/skinny’s on my 29er so i can race bmx again.
And I’ll get more calf tattoos too.

if only i could grow a beard.

Me too, me too.

Also, this was created by Abby at Rubytoo design
Ruby Too Design


there is so much win in this picture.

i dont care about bingo, i want to collect them all! :slight_smile:

i’m also one tattoo away from the last row.

I’ve got the moustache nailed.

pics or it didnt happen.

Go look at fyxo, tuesday track pics. I saw it at the crits last night. Incredible.

Good spotting - I posted this over at BV forum but I had no idea who did it!

Its true Nikcee. 8 days to go:

Bit worried about the drag effect…


You don’t have any bike parts in your office Stu?

Not currently…

Apparently not, at least not in plain view…but we now have photographic evidence that he’s on during work time…