For Sale Mods

Whats the deal with the sh!tarse moderation of the for sale section?

I’ve been trying to update current listings, and create some new ones for the last 2 weeks, yet none of it is being approved by mods, despite me following the posting rules etc. Yet I’m seeing pointless posts from other members being approved in the meantime?!

Also, PM’ing mods got no response. :mad:

Whats the point of having a FS section if the thread owner cant even update their own listings with new info and photo’s etc??


You can edit your own listings any time you like, you just can’t reply to em without approval…

what are your issues? PM me.

Meh, I’m not out to win friends with the mods, I just want my shit approved and it seems this is the only way to get a bit of attention on the matter.

My issues are that my posts haven’t been getting approved for the last 2 weeks, and my PM’s to Admin aren’t being replied to.

I’d sort you out if I was a mod…

Well you didn’t PM me.

I can see 3 of your bikes for sale on the first page of the complete bikes forum, all approved. If you want to change the price, add photos etc, edit the original post.

The Omnium has gone to ebay, so that’s a pointless update, the thread should be deleted. Put in the ebay forum if you want to promote it.

There’s no updates on the Schwinn Straight 8

There’s no updates on the Specialized DJ.

Anything else?

I had a For Sale thread that I don’t think ever got approved. :frowning:

Taking this to PM to avoid rage.

No kidding?

Having a rant at people who offer their time for free in order to sell your shit. Gonna go far with that.

Jeebus, who are you PMing? User:Moderator?

If you have specific queries, PM me with links to the threads in question. I’m not going to trawl for you. I’ve been back over unvalidated posts and can’t find any from you in the last month.

PM’d you back.

See, I was joking when I wrote this, and there once was a user called “admin.”, but this turns out to have been pretty close to the issue.

That was not the intention of this thread. I was having consistent issues with the moderation of my posts in the FS section, I did the right thing and PM’d Admin and got no response. The next step was raising the issue here as suggested in the Trading access rules.

My friendship or lack thereof with any of the mods is not the point. I’m here to be a community member, I’m not here just to sell my shit. I appreciate what the admin do here, and I know what goes into it as I’m an Administrator at another community. My problem was that I was attempting to use the classified facilities here as you yourself do, and none of my posts were being approved, nor PM’s replied to. Hence the rage conveyed in this thread.

Oh the used omnium for the same price as new ones

Yep, right at the top of the 'Administrators User List" here: Show Groups - Fixed Gear Australia

Hence me trying to update my listing smart arse.

Hah, when I saw the title, I thought the mods themselves were on Sale. I was curiuos to see what a brendan was worth on FOA market. Of course I’d be relying on someone in Melbs to wrap and pack him for me.

actual lol.

No, “admin.” not “admin”

You’d have been better off PM’ing the user “root”.