For the anarchists amongst us

Wow 12 easy steps. Apparently it ‘really is that simple’… :roll: :roll:

not quite the anarchist kind of revolution, james…

No they’d never be that organised.

and you can smell them a mile away.

I’m aware of this Brendan, just wanted you especially to read it.

to feed into my ever increasing quiver of sociopolitical conspiracy theories?

I’d like to know what any lurking 'narchists actually suggest as a course of action for achieving revolution regime change might actually be - the only thing I can think of is force-feeding the current system, eat meat, drive a car, vote Liberal, invest in the (old) energy sector, just help the system crash quicker - then once it’s carked it, say “there, it didn’t work, let’s try something else”. Like do many Anarchists vote Green to help destabilise the two party system here … where should I start reading fellas

no. that’s a marxist theory. us black flag types don’t get along with the reds, ever since the kronstandt rebellion.

try looking for colin ward - anarchy in action.

as an aside, i don’t believe in revolution. i believe in evolution. every time someone talks about revolution i can’t help but see the dead bodies begin to pile up…

So many inside jobs…

I’ve heard word of anarchist bookshops in Sydney somewhere, I reckon you’d find some interesting books ie. those not deemed safe for Australia’s eyes…

That would be Jura. It’s on Parramatta Road, Petersham for those inclined (I’ve never been to that store, only their old location in Newtown many moons ago)

Is barricade books still around on Sydney Rd?

Stinks of self-rightousness and BO in there.

what we need is more Nihlist bookstores like the one i never started

barricade is now at loophole community centre, up on high st in thornbury. it smells considerably better.

i probably wouldn’t have gone to your nihilist bookstore, because it just wouldn’t be worth it. we’re all going to die anyway, you know.


Pfft, why don’t you both go read Nietzsche…

because i can’t pronounce it.

and, let’s face it, either can any of us.

I love Song Of Zarathustra… :wink:

so Gen Y needs instructions for anarchy* ??

(is that an oxymoron?)

*as well

we all need the inspiration!