for the taller folk

Fixed Gear 60cm Vintage Steel Frame Bike in great condition | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Bayside Area - Hampton

good price

That is a good price. Paging GM.

Ooooo that’d fit nice.

Bugger just saw this, ah well can’t get it, have already been bad, I’m picking up that Sweet smokey roadie tomorrow.

here’s a nother:

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

worth keeping an eye on. guessing its bigger than 57cm.

You’re killing me dude!

Paging John Kennedy or is this too small?

this is awesome.

60 is ok with a few fist fulls of seat post. I’m watching that Mal Mcpherson anyway.

just looking at the photos yes it does have a long head tube but it aso appears to have a pretty high BB (so at least horatio wont bid on it) and a really tight fork with minimalist crown which could give it the long head tube with a 57C-C seat tube

The Mal Mac Kenevans I have (for sale) has a really high bb giving it a long head tube and it looks a lot bigger than 55cm… Maybe that was Mal’s vibe…
I also reckon the top tube looks 57cm.

could well be right on sizing. if bidding, worth get confirmation from seller.

This is the same Mal that was sold in Geelong early this year right?

Same discussion was had then and we all agreed it was bigger than a 57. Now it’s re-listed through a different seller and still measured at 57, so yeah, it probably is.
My track frame is a good example of this; 59 st with a 57 tt blows up the head tube and makes it look big.