Forgive me father for I have sinned ....

Normally, I go into bikes stores and tsk and meh and roll my eyes at all the crap they stock and rubbish they are pushing people to buy. Then I spot a powdercoated, tig welded Trek girly bike that I just fall in love with (and keep looking at the sticker $849 !!!).

Of course I don’t really need one, and won’t buy one but I gotta say it’s the coolest production bike I’ve seen in a long time. Takes a lot to impress this snob but I’d be happy to ride one of these … only the mixte version (not the regular one, just lacks the style factor). Trek deserve a rap for making a smart, practical, integrated, and affordable bike.

I don’t believe I said that :confused:

I totally agree with you. I ran the idea past my lovely lady last week to see if she wanted one (cos I wanted to buy one) but she, oh so practically, said that she rarely rides the bike she has and probably wouldn’t ride that one. I just reckon it’d be ace for her to ride to the shops on…

I tried pushing the idea on Mrs. Spirito but no-go, she says it’s not her scene at all.

Oh well … 3 speed internal hub gear, dynamo front hub with integrated lighting, racks and fenders, chain case, wide tyres, 36 hole wheels … I might buy it just to strip the parts !!! It really is well kitted out and I thought it might be of interest to a bunch of peep’s here, especially if time/cost is an issue.

i’ve emailed it to my lady (literally just a photo and the price) and her reply was

“Can’t write, have urgent work on.
I’ll talk to you later. I am so happy that you are going to buy me a bicycle”


Haha. pwnd

totally!! she has a sweet mixte already, but the headtube is flared and it’s pretty much fucked. she’s gonna need a new bike eventually, just don’t think i’ve got a spare $850 lying around at the moment!

definitely something to consider though…

I too have seen these on the road and also think that they are rad. The Specialized Globe Live is another that’s pretty, pretty good.

you should :wink:

she sounds a class act already

soma also do a nice mixte:

nice lugged fork on the soma as well.
someone should start a mixte/ladies porn thread… wait a minute…

Yes, but the little details and all the design features of the Trek go beyond what Soma offer. The way the headlight sits inside and under the little porteur rack to protect it from being knocked about or broken. That they’ve made effort to route the wiring through the frame for the rear light is cool. Even the rear light sits under the lip of the rear rack so it’s not knocked off or caught in something, and they also mount a reflector on the rear fender. The one piece bar and stem is quite a nice shape, and being the same colour as the frame they present well. Similarly the fenders and racks are matched contrasting colours and it looks good.

Soma make a mighty nice frame, but if you add up all the little things on the Trek, it overshadows the Soma, especially for the pricepoint. In saying that the first thing I’d replace is the pedals and the brake calipers are a little cheap looking but these can be sorted quite easily. Of course, I’ve no idea what it rides like but I think they’ve made a fair go at geo and balancing the weights from the look of it.

//rolly - mrs. spirito reckons your chick is way cool :wink:

^ she suuuuuuuuure is :slight_smile:

Holy crap.

Mrs JLN not ZLTN needs that Trek.

You should check it out in person if there is a local dealer close to you. Looks better in the flesh and they have a good size range.

Hint: try to get her on the largest size she is comfortable with … means you can just raise the post for yourself :wink:

I got one for my wife through my then work. They are very cool and she loves it. We went for the large which is not that large, I just have to get my arse into to gear and get the lights working. You guys know there is a guy’s version ?

At the risk of feeling the blunt end of Blakey’s ban stick, I confess Mrs Commuter had a birthday last weekend and I bought her one of these.

To compound my crime, I bought it from BSC :o and had a pleasant shopping experience doing it

In my defense:

  1. it is the only bike Mrs Commuter has ever gone “ooooh ahhhh” at;
  2. she loves it. says it is the only bike she has ever enjoyed riding;
  3. she actually rides it.

Nice, they’re not all pricks at BSC. Happy wife, Happy life.

I like where this thread is going… :slight_smile:

I really like these I was thinking about getting this or this Civia Loring I-Motion 9 Speed but I really cant justify spending $1500 on this Civia shipped from the US.

I also dont really like the look of disk brakes

The civia kinda looks more style over function: those mudguards are lame. The brooks and the front box are nice, but I reckon the belleville actually looks better. And for some minor upgrade money get a brooks/seatpost/pedals. But it does have 9-speed going for it…

I have a 58cm Soma Mixte in my garage. I can’t pretend it’s for my wife :frowning:

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