fork mounts for ute tray/ bike haulage

Ok foa brainstrust, halp plz!

im pretty sick of tetris-ing multiple bikes into my ute tray securely without scratching/breaking anything, so, im looking at installing some fork mounts along the tray.
That’s the easy bit…

BUT… I want to be able to accomodate all of my bikes, ie both QR and 15mm thru axle

Easiest solution I can find so far is this:

They seem pretty good from reviews Ive read but pretty expensive to get here, plus I want to put at least 3 in so it’s gunna add up.

Also contemplating trying to make/weld up my own mounts

So basically, has anyone done this? Any tips or have y’all seen anything else out there on the interwebs?

Rolly have you got a mount in your Lux?


also maybe i’m over looking something but, is there anything stopping me using a q/r skewer to mount a non-TA fork to something like this? The skewer would have play within the axle shell but I would think a bolt up skewer would have enough force to hold it still once tightened?

Just get cheap ones and mount them one behind the other? Yes it might be twice as many holes in your ute tub, but better than an over-engineered, over-priced option?

I’ve got two mounts sitting in a box, never got around to drilling holes for them. can take pics & send through if you’d like to see them.

they were only $15 each from memory.

I made this up for my 15mm axle bike to play nice with roof top racks. A piece of angle iron and some old beefy looking p clamps ( came off old motorbike handlebars cross brace). I will take a photo on car tomorrow but I can use either this or QR.
You can also make your own mounts for QR by bending some flat steel into a channel about 90ish mm, drilling a hole through it parallel to base and fitting old shimano QR axles through said holes secured with cone lock nuts. fit these to a length of steel and mount to tray.
Is your ute double skinned? You can weld some nuts to said length of steel and get some rubber tipped furniture feet and then screw them outwards from each end to press into insides of ute tray. i went around Oz with one of these holding 3 bikes in my ute, including a 20 kg D/H. Didn’t even come loose doing some circle work/ rallydriving ( i do admit i often forgot about them being back there).

no go?

if you need parts transportation i know someone travelling from US to Aus in April who may have space.

(it’s me)

hit up old mate benzy… he added QR mounts to his ‘yellow peril’. did a fair bit of research IIRC.

Sweet cheers for the hot tip mates.

Ive got a steel tray on the back, not a tub, so the tailgate thing is a no go, plus would prefer a more stable solution for longer trips with other gear in the tray. Im planning on either mounting them on a removable bit of timber or to the vertical tray back behind the cab, to keep them from being buried in sand/soil too often

Boyracer, that looks perfect!
Kind of what i had in mind if I fabricate myself. So that mount pictured is just for T/A bikes or will it hold a QR skewer as well? Not sure if you meant you swap it out to separate QR mount or not.
Would also be keen to see some pics on the Q/R mount you described if you have made one up.

The mount sits square over the QR mount and i can use one or the other. Ol’school Rola racks.
The ute mounts i made 20 years ago when there were no off the shelf solutions and cameras had film!
Maybe fit some stake holes to tray floor and make your rig to suit?

another iteration…just add old axles to this.

sweet cheers man, plenty to work with there.
Im thinking I’ll go for the angle steel welded to some appropriate steel tube for 15mm axles, and look at getting something similar to above to bolt through the same mount for QR wheels. Should be enough force to hold them in place in the T/A mounts I think, possibly even wrap some adhesive rubber around the bolts so they sit snug in the mount if needed.
Cheap as chips to build up a couple and trial it anyways. Thanks!

I’ll post up some pics when I eventually get around to making them

Considering you can flex those brackets with a finger or two I’d be very hesitant mounting a bike on there.

Did think the same thing, but with both bolted down and hopefully with a ratchet strap over the frame i think they would be ok short term at least.

I’d be thinking at least 5mm brackets if I went down this path though

^^found that photo online for reference only. Mine were made from flat bar rolled steel ~4mm. like i said i did some pretty crazy things ( supercharged V8 powered ute )whilst bikes were in back and never even budged.