Forum help required (voting)

Hello FOA, my friend’s bmx company wants to win this Woodward West competition for a video they did over the US summer. All you need to do is click on the link below, and then vote for COLONY. You might even want to watch the video’s also. My personal favourite is Demolition, but I voted COLONY because I’m a nice guy.
The link is below and you can vote one every 24 hours from all your internet devices.
Thank you FOA, I love you. - BMX ShootOut: Voting Has Begun!

Colony Woodward West Shootout 2012 - YouTube

but…it’s colony. (I’m just sore cause they torched their entire flatland range of products, which was immense)

Yeah, I hear the other 15 people worldwide who ride flatland felt the same.


But… it’s colony. (i’m just sore because I hate colony)

Done- (I actually like colony)