Forum Names

I have often wondered, what is the reason behind the names we choose on this forum. Mine is easy, my parents have called me Rhino since I was a kid, and it has stayed with me forever.

So the question is, what is the reasoning behind you forum name?

weeellll when I was a wee tacker my online handle used to be “tomac”. Obviously this is taken from someone else’s name, with the intention of conveying that I was a likewise indiscriminate lover of all cycling disciplines.

then someone e-called me tomacropod so there it is. I guess I have big feet.

  • Joel

Nothing to do with hair loss - rogaining is the sport of long distance cross country navigation -


CraigC because thats my name and I don’t want to be confused with craigb. Or any other letter of the alphabet.

“koon” is the 1st character of my chinese name.

I was having a hard time choosing an address for my new hotmail account, everything I wanted was already taken and I was going “what the?”

So whatthekoon was born and I’ve been using it since as my online identity.


my moniker was given to me as part of a super secret cyber ritual, whereby the assigned name indicates your elite status.

ahem… i just made something up which was short and unique. shrug


its my name? may as well be…

Take roguedubb, chop it in half and you get: rogue / dubb

rogue because I am a nerd at heart and played too many RPGs where I always play rogues (thieves, assassins and such, if you have no idea what I’m talking about don’t ask, I’ll nerd you out big-time unless you want to reveal your inner nerd).

dubb from the musical genre Dub which is usually based around minimal sounds but often produced through lots of distortion and effects - simple results from coplex rules, aka simplexity for anyone who reads too much. I must differentiate the old dub from the modern-dub stylings with is mostly just hack DJs throwing in a few beats and calling it a “dub” mix.

I can’t imagine why I picked my user name but I was third in the Australian Penny Farthing Championships (a real fixed wheel) many years ago…
By the way, 300 and 400 down, 600 (July) and 200 (sometime after) to finish a fixed Super Randonneur series. That might be it, little wheels and big rides. I suppose it is a better explanation than little brains and big mouth!

illbehavior8 -

In the mid 90’s when hotmail was starting up I jumped on board and got an email address - oh so 90s!

At the time I was listening to alotta of Beastie Boys hence the name illbehavior a twist on ill communication.

Although hotmail at the time was not as popular somebody else had used the name so I was given the choice of:

  • behaviorill
  • illbehavior2
  • illbehavior8

I wondered how popular the name really was…

I thought that 8 was a good number and so that was the choice. The
“screen name” has stuck since.

I once saw LQQK on a number plate, and thought it looked funny.
Depending on what font it is in, it can look like a set of eyes.


Long or short version.

Short: My Surname = (Lat)reille

I’ve done alot of rowing. At school, we were on rowing camp. The coach was talking about how you use your Lats to hang off the handle. You know those muscles that hang down like wings under your arm pit. provide that big V like shape on body builders. One of the other guys (remember we are 15 year old school kids) just started pissing himself laughing and pointing at me and yelling “Lats - He’s got Lats”

And thus it was born. You do in actual fact use your lats a hell of a lot in rowing to suspend yourself off the handle as your legs push. Most people think you need big arms - nup. big legs and big lungs make good rowers. Much like cyclists[/i]

Admit it… Mr Shimano Six Speed… :?

I thought it might have been something interesting, like your dad was an Irish Potatoe farmer who has been writing a book that will revolutionise the world!

I know ndf is his initials, tristan is his first name, angus is his first name, teamCTA is his company, shifterbikes is his company, Trackcunt is his worldwide name…

What about grinners, Inane, jaywoo and Lupine128???

(PS: this is a good first post for those that only like to watch!!!)

I believe you are talking about the spu-dynasty?

Well then lets get down to business.

Back in the days of mech for a prominent sth melb pushy store I was always looking for ways to annoy, aggravate and shit stir my boss, owner and work colleagues. All in the name of having a laugh.

So with this in mind, most of the time I spent aimlessly walking around the store smiling (grinning!) about the next joke I was going to pull/ or the last i did.

So the lovely girl from reception/accounts started with grinners. Coz on most occasions i was just enjoying the good times.

Ah those where the days… 8)