Forum thread links not working?

been happening for a week or so. Whenever you click on a link it takes you to the main forum menu

I first noticed it with But that seems to be working again.

This link worksBOTY link

But this one from P!N20’s sig does not

I’ve also found that some links end up at a different website, eg googling for my winter/rain bikes thread and clicking the result ends up here: - Your File Hosting

And clicking the URL under the search result ends up here

Instead of ending up here like it should

Just updated the link - should work now. Don’t understand how it works for a while then suddenly doesn’t - similar issue I had with the list of BOTY candidates.

hmmmm, could be the result of all this fucking spam we’ve been getting hammered with.

will email nickj, it’s definitely outta my control.

Last page of the Brewery Ride thread is linking to an old $10 parma thread from 2006

^Nah, I just thought I’d change the brewery ride format up a bit.

that’s weird. when i click the last page it takes me to an old 2005 thread snowflake started about a Malvern Star Skidstar GT Mk I…

I was getting the parma thread when shooting for any brewery ride page except #1, then it started working, then it’s going to the skidstar.

Had a similar issue the other day.

Yeah, I’m getting the skidstar thread, even if you click the Brewery thread title and get into the first page of that thread then every page link will still take you to the Malvern Star thread

I get it from the Tour Aeteroa thread too.

I wonder whatever happened to Grandpa…

i’ve emailed nickj.

Should be resolved now, plz confirm.

Confirmed (from me)