Forumla Hub of Commuting/Touring wheelset

What’s the Formula Hub (pretty solid and good price point) of commuting/touring wheelsets?

Looking for shimano 9 or 10 speed.

(even better if someone has a set floating around)


rim or disc

130 or 135mm

dyno or not

11sp or 8-10 (answered)

tubeless or not



sorry, i meant whole wheelset. If i were looking for entry level, pretty consistent singlespeed/track wheels something like Forumla Hub to Mavic CXP22s. Is there a commuter wheelset equivalent?

novatec hubs to alex rims (the nicer ones are fine)

If our dollar wasn’t terrible I’d suggest H+Son to 105 from But the AUD makes it super expensive now.;product=27113;menu=1000,2,140,141

You didn’t answer my questions.

too many variables.

My apologies, must have posted while i was replying.

rim brakes

130 or 135mm (prefer 135, current frame)

dyno or not - Not

11sp or 8-10 (answered) - 8-10 shimano

tubeless or not - clincher

Slx on 719 with comps

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