found bike melbourne northcote

found a bike near dennis station in melbourne its an old track bike.

if anyone got a track bike stolen recently in the area give us some details of the bike and it might be yours

cheers louey

I’m assuming some like Simehas got in contact with you to ask if it’s black with some stickers on it? deep aero front wheel, cxp22/formula rear wheel?,12020.0.html

nar diffrent bike

im not sure becase it could be a throw away both the tyres were mostly flat
to flat to ride and looked like it had been there for a while :?..

The Fixie fad is over!!! hipsters are trowing away their bikes!!!

As I always tell young cyclists, if you get a flat tyre you may as well throw away your bike. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t have ‘Industrie’ written on the down tube, did it?

I suppose it wasnt a dark red Hillman was it? Hand painted lugs. Got stolen a couple of months back on high st.

nup sorry

Um…Angley tube bits on the frame and circular rolling bits?

so descriptive!

was it blue grey?