found keys

These yours? Found Sydney Rd this morning.

PM me the witty inscription to confirm and I’ll drop off/leave keys as requested

purple/blue carabiner “ITALY Patent”
one d-lock key
one house key ‘Gibson Locksmiths’ marked ‘do not copy’ with witty inscription
one broken red tag

Hi I lost my keys near there… I think they fell of my trailer while driving down moreland road which crosses Sydney rd… They where on a blue/Green carabiner with “italy” marked on it… and rated to 500kg there where about 10 keys on there plus a car Key & remote and a purple/blue roller door remote. and p.o. box keys… there was a orange carved dragon as well… I dont recal a whitty inscription and they sound
similar to my keys… pls call me on 0407 422 720… or i can call you… many thanks

sorry also there where 2 usb keys on there a toshiba one and a lacie one… and a old fashioned key which is a bottle opener, and another bottle opener shaped like a shark… much appreciate your help… I think they are my keys or at least part of my keys… and I was driving along there on Wednesday night…