Four thousand

In honour of my 4000th post, here’s a giant 4000.

And a corgi doing bellyflops:


Jolan’s kicking you in the arse.

I’m about to hit the big three.

Thank fuck they put that floatie on the corgi

Congratulations HeavyMetal!

I’m still more of a post whore.

Congratulations Heavy !!!

And thank you for the silly/funny corgi vid - mrs. spirito and I were both naked in bed and laughing :wink:

edit: Mrs. Spirito has made me point out that that is not completely true and that she is only half naked. I can’t disclose which half. And she is now doing a face palm.

True. But I don’t have my own music thread.

Spirito, pics or ban.

Brisbane | The Thousands

sorry, couldn’t resist.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…