Frame Builder in Town?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a frame builder in Adelaide. My mate and I were thinking of attempting to build a couple, just for fun really, and i was wondering if there was anyone I could approach for a few tips.

That said if anyone on here has had experience building a frame I would love to hear any tips for getting started.

Thanks in advance!

I have some very basic experience but can offer advice and materials. Also PM user squid.

what kind of welding/brazing experience do you have?

I can’t wait to see how this turns out Burgs…

Bernie Jones Cycles still makes frames for the pedal prix so I am sure they still have all the gear - I went there about 6 years ago to get a downtube shifter tab brazed on and they sorted it out with no fuss. Might be worth a phone call.

Also, this: The Jiggernaut-Bringing bicycle frame building to the masses by Mixed Media Engineering — Kickstarter

Alternatively, I know where there is a Henry James Access 65 Jig, files, torch etc you can use for a slab or two of craft beer.

Both my mate and I have had some experience with oxy acetylene welding but my uncle who im relatively close to has had alot, was planning on seeking his advice about the welding/brazing process. We thought the best thing to do as neither of us are “pros” would be to practice on some old tubing or steel until we have the process down then maybe buy a cheap lugged kit. The last thing either of us want to do is rush into anything…

Sounds like it may be worth dropping into Bernie Jones to have a word and John I may take you up on that offer of equipment once we feel confident moving onto that stage.

Thanks for the help guys, its encouraging to know there are people out there willing to offer help/advice to a beginner!

PS: Shandon, have faith.

probably best to try some simple things first, like converting vertical to horizontal dropouts, adding bidon mounts, etc.
bike tubes are fairly thin so it’s easy to warp or burn them

I spoke to a bloke recently who is getting into serious frame building ie, doing it as a business. I don’t have his contact details but I can get them and post them for you.

As a point of interest, my house-mate works in a crash repairers as a painter.
He just bought a compressor from gumtree and has some nozzles to boot.
He came second in a national colour matching comp a few years back, and is generally skilled; albeit goofy.

My point is that he wants to spray bikes in our garage on weekends and is looking to test his skills in design.

Even though this build is never going to happen, if you look here:
road bike build - from scratch
you might get some ideas of what sort of detail is required.

The users profile says he is located in Blackwood… thought im pretty sure that there is another suburb/town by the same name in Vic.

I think there are also a few other threads detailing similar stories on rotorburn if you have a search for them

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