Frame building torch etc

Question for the frame builders on here.

I have a friend who recently completed the UBI frame building course and now needs a torch to keep things going. She has had some issues getting her gear together so a few of her buddies are going go buy her a torch for her birthday.

What’s out there? What’s best? Will she need any other bits ie hoses???

Harris 19-6 handle. No 1 and 3 tips. Often sold at welding supply places as the ‘journeyman’ kit with hoses, regs and flashback arrestors.

Double check if she will be using Oxy-Acetylene or Oxy-Propane


I can find the craftsman kit, would that be it?

Looks like it, yeah.

Pfft. What would you know?

That’d be it, changed the name since I bought mine.

Don’t forget to let her know that I bring in the Cycle Design flux and rod which she probably learnt with

Man, I feel like taking two weeks off and going to Portland now to learn how to build a frame. Starting to feel like cooking, you can put together of the ingredients but unless you grow the veggies yourself are you really doing it all the way?

Of course each course is just one type of frame and there is a universe of skills to learn to do it for real but pretty cool that they specifically say the course is suitable for enthusiasts. I’d love to do it just to get a better appreciation for what goes into it.

Probably better build some wheels first though! Frame building is usually the last stop I assume.