frame building

forgive me if i have missed an obvious answer to my question on google… or on here.
but does anywhere in melbourne do frame building courses?
somewhat interested learning how to build a bicycle frame, of any kind.
i may also be traveling at the end of the year so learning overseas is also an option.

Doing a metal work course at tafe would probably be a good start. Gives you all the skills that you would need to build up a steel frame at least. If you can braze, weld and cut steel you’d be well on your way.

yeah i was thinking that… i have done metal work before but it was just amateur stuff and a long time ago. i have a bit of machinery available to me but some courses overseas you don’t need any prior experience at all.

you could try youtube videos, also lots of leads in this thread,2876.0.html
join the mailing lists, go to the websites. personally i think you’re better off just learning as much as you can on your own, building and modifiying/fixing other peoples bikes for free etc, then going to a one or two week workshop

UBI portland…

or yamaguchi in colorado

both deliver amazing courses… i know a few people personally who have been to UBI and they came back with a wealth of knowledge (and tubesets :-D)

i also know couple of people who are selftaught but they were experienced welders (at a craft and commercial scale) before hand so i couldnt comment on how hard it was to pick up.

there’s a bunch more info here… including a reference to befriending local framebuilders which might be the path of least resistance cost :wink: