frame from the future

Designer Bike Frame in Carlton, NSW | eBay

probably njs too

wow. perspex ends even. for many reasons, would not ride.

“Please be a back to the future bike, please be a back to the future bike…nawww”


Well said buddy. Excellent job on the seatpost too.

Fill it with water and fish.

Fwiw, I’ve actually bought stuff from this seller before. He’s around Carlton-Hurstville way. Has cool hifi gear and surfboards too.

I do think this frameset is brilliant though … don’t know what for, but some kinda weirdness I like about it.

I was going to say looks like a high school D+T year 12 project?

anarchist materials enginerd knowledge bomb: if it’s actually perspex (PMMA) then you could throw a bucket of metho (or ethanol but that would be a waste of perfectly drinkable alcohol) over it while somone is riding it and watch it shatter into a million pieces* :stuck_out_tongue:

*number of pieces may vary, use only as directed, see your healthcare professional is symptoms persist.

Velo Vision::Review: I-Cycle (2002)

I stand corrected.

Which is very sad.


Maybe it’s polycarb

So where’s the fork?

According to the article blakey linked it’s PC.

Hmm … not UCI legal

They have a matching almost complete one too

holy shit $165 for this? fuckin kiddin me