Frame ID help 80's steel road frame ?custom build?

I have bought a steel frame for a build I’m doing inspired by some I’ve seen on here of late. I’m putting modern componentry on a older steel road frame.

I found this frame and bought it for $30 due to a small crack in the rear mech side drop out. I plan to have that fixed. However I’m trying to figure out what I’m willing to spend on the frame to get the repairs and paint ect done. The gent I bought it from wasn’t sure what make it is but was convinced it was Japanese steel. It’s been painted silver but a quick sanding reveals a pink underneath.

The geometry is tight. 1mm-ish tyre fork clearance with the 25mm gatorskins and not much at the back either. The ST is 62cm, TT is 57.5cm. In discussion with the seller (older enthusiastic gent) we through around that is might be an older custom made frame?

Anyway I’m here for the wealth of knowledge on this forum so I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. (1st time I’ve posted pictures so bare with me if they don’t work 1st go).

Thank for any and all info



I’m going to say it’s not worth fixing or painting, it looks to be pretty low spec.
Plus I hope your bloody tall.

Not hoping for this to be the find of the century just hoping it’s not the equivalent of a Kmart frame from back in the day. If it’s a Repco or similar I’d be wrapped. I’ve got a 105 compact groupset sitting in a room waiting. Also it has two serial numbers on the bottom of the bb. Hard to make out. One appears to read CJ71-1983 the other I can’t make out from the photo I took maybe P530A? Or similar. Where can I search serial numbers? Guess I need to know maker before I can do that huh?

I wonder if it’s a home made frame or a build by an apprentice. Low spec components but the clearances tell another story.

^ that would be pretty cool ^

I did some Google foo and ended up finding this

With the exception of the down tube shifters the frame looks pretty close. So maybe it’s a Repco Olympic 12 that an apprentice built or one that was built to measure (if that’s something they did?)

Looks like a repco or whatever. I wouldn’t hold any special value to it or stories about apprentices etc. These things would have been pumped out of the factory, so wouldn’t have always been perfect.

How much is the drop out repair going to set you back, because depending on the cost, you might be able to find something a little nicer for that coin.

I’m wondering if it was meant for a smaller wheelset?

If it’s the derailleur hanger that is damaged, could it be a prime candidate for a runabout singlespeed?

Have a look at the non matched dropouts. I’m not saying it’s anything spectacular but it’s deliberate whatever it is. I’m going with practice/home job frame.

Out of interest, what seat post does it take?

Running a metal ruler over the seat post hole looks like it’ll take a 26.6 ish. Front spacing is 98mm ish and rear is 130mm ish.

PIN, the hanger is fine. There is a small crack in the braze at the point where the drop out enters the chainstay. I’m taking it to grip sport in thomastown tomorrow to get looked at ( unless anyone can recommend another place in Melb? ).Emailing says the repairs could be $60-$200. Obviously I’m only really contemplating batting on with the frame if it’s the $60 ish option.

Also I thought about the smaller wheels but haven’t seen anything like this mrunning 650c’s.