frame ID please?

hi guys, could anyone possibly ID this frame for me?

seller said its unbranded as he didnt want to paint over a branded frame. but obviously im sure it would atleast have a name. lol got it mainly for the parts. ill probably chuck them on another frame at a later stage. but just wanna know what it is I have for now. thanks :smiley:

If you didn’t take a shitty pic and then apply all of the filters maybe we’d be able to see some details.

regardless, it’s a modern frame, tig welded by a robot in asia.

thats the sellers pic. I havent picked it up. lol

thats all the other pics on his ad

I lol’d

Yep, that’s definitely a frame. There’s some components there as well.

So, a Giant?


It’s just a mass-produced TIG welded steel frame made from pretty ordinary plumbers pipe. It’s nothing special if that’s what you’re asking.

Likely Merida or Maxway



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Looks like my gf’s SE Draft.

So, therefore as stated, a shitty gas pipe frame tig welded by robots in Asia.

thanks dudes. Had a look at the cell fixie and I think thats the one. should do for now till I save up some $$$ for a better frame of some sort. lol

what do I win?

all i can offer right now unfortunately

the boy has a sense of humour!!!

Best giggle i’ve had all day.

Just consider yourself lucky it’s not a… Reid.

Don’t think it’s a cell, no rack mounts