Frame Identification! Pegasus

Hey Everyone

So, found this old number at the end of my street and thought it would be a pretty cool summer project.
Have been trying to find a bit of history on this thing without much success. If anyone could lend me a hand that would be awesome!

Pegasus road frame, 700C wheels, 61cm ST, 59cm TT,
Made of Reynolds 531c, Same sticker says “England” on it?
Lugs look to have some detailing
BB cut out in the shape of two lines
Tried calling the number on the sticker but no avail

Any clues/ideas?

I can’t be certain, but the tubing might be Reynolds 531

yes, if you get a more frontal shot of the sticker on the seat tube, it’ll give us more confidence

I have done some searching for you:)

Keith Davis in Canberra built Pegasus frames.

BNA - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - late 80s early 90s frame builders?

from that thread.

but back in the 80s Peter Howells ran a shop in Doncaster East called Pegasus Cycles and put Pegasus stickers on his bikes. I think he also may have had frames made up for customers using the name. I had a stickered Tange frame and friends of mine had better frames made to order if I recall correctly. Peter has had a lengthy history in bicycle retail in Victoria. He ran the maintenance crew for the GVBR for many years, after he sold the shop.

I identify this as a road bike.

yep, by the looks of things it might be a Pegasus built with Reynolds 531 tubing.

How can you tell? Is it the lugs? I bet it’s the lugs!

Well if it’s a pegasus,where’s it’ fucking wings??
You will also need to source a 531 fork,because you can’t mix your steels,it’ a sin.

Sorry mate that’s a rubbish frame you’ve found. I can take it off your hands for ya if you need :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Boofa. I am a late-comer to your thread - like 6 years late. What do you want to know about the frame? I have the same frame, made for me by Keith Davis in the 1980’s. I am about to “refurbish” my frame and stumbled across your question.

Jump onto the retro cycling group on facebook. Someone recently restored one and got in contact with Keith also.

Thanks Gypsy. A most useful lead which I will follow up.

Gypsy - any particular Retro Cycling group - there were a number …?

‘Retro Classic Cycling’.