frame packing - anyone have boxes/packing material?

Hey guys i’ve sold a frame and need to box it to send interstate.

Seeing that heaps of you have contacts at bike shops etc, can anyone help with a box / packing material?

would really appreciate it. I’m in Carlton, happy to pick up.


Easiest option would just be to give you LBS a ring, and ask if they’ve got any spare bike boxes lying around. They usually do and often just give them out for free. Couldn’t see the harm in asking if they could throw in some bubble rub, foam etc. with it if they’ve got some to spare.

+1 on LBS for box, then do some dumpster raiding for foam etc. I found carpet store dumpsters throw out rubber underlays. Get meters of that shit and just wrap the tubes etc.

Dont forget to brace the dropouts and tips, and extra foam/protection around headtube/bb/seat is good.

Thanks fellas - good ideas

just thought i’d check here if anyone worked at a LBS that’s all

PM Me! I have a box and lots of packing. Would like to get rid of it.


Same here - got a box and bubble wrap ! Anyone…

Yep, also got a box and some packing if anyone needs it

Thanks all, Blakey has kindly volunteered boxes / packing stuff. I’ve just got to get around to pick it up!