Frame painting in adelaide

Anybody know of someone who can do good paint jobs in adelaide?
not looking for powder coat or a flat colour, something more involved, like metallic paints, painting logos and pin striping

Let me know if you find someone man!

I’ve spoken to a few panel beaters etc but their quotes are usually starting from $400 for things like metallic paint.

I’m currently getting a powdercoat through sam at treadly, maybe he knows of someone offering more than just basic paint jobs.

there’s a guy on this forum who had his dad’s old frame repainted with pinstripes and everything. he’s on other forums i’ll try and track down his resto threads and let you know the painters name

i know a cpl of painters who will paint your bike any colour you want in 2pac but they are car painters and dont really do pinstriping etc

the last frame i had painted in a basic colour was $30 more than a powdercoat would cost

this is the work he had done. think his name is clydesdale scot on the BNA forum so shoot him a pm for the painters name.

He goes by the name “Big Block” on here.

Yeah i remember he came on a fixed tuesday bbq ride down to brighton, about a year or so ago, it wasnt his thing. The guy didnt even say good bye :frowning:

He did give me a wine box for my front rack though!

the bike is no longer fixed, it now has period parts carefully collected over 12 months.
slight changes since this photo, more faithful to 1948.
Still working on adjusting the 3 speed Simplex TDF gears. It had a recent ‘showing’ at the end of the Ride Like Crazy, where Phil Anderson was one of many very interested.
‘it wasn’t his thing’… you are right, I feel more comfortable in my regular group rides. And it seemed that the existing riders were not looking for new riders to join.

better photos will be taken soon, just waiting for the creases to drop from the material backdrop to be used.

I prep’ed the frame, a mate put the 2 pack colour coats on (colour to match the original).
The small custom waterslide decal application, main name, boxlining and feathers were done by a ex-signwriter in Cheltenham (Adelaide) who does the occasional bike as a hobby. PM me if you want more details. I will ask if he wants to do another bike. He appreciated the opportunity to apply the techniques learnt from his talks with the frame painters who did the old frames. We discussed the style using old photos I had from another frame painted by the maker of this one, and then I gave him free reign. I was delighted with the finished frame.
I have another bike for him to do soon, a Malvern Star ‘Coronation’.
Then I need another frame for all the bits taken off the fixed gear version (stem and bars, wheels, chainset, pedals, brake).

Any questions please ask!
It would be nice to get enough old bikes to run our own version of L’Erocia in the Barossa.
(build like a Clydesdale, rides a Scott Addict, and has the slow revs and huge torque of a big block engine)

Nice job on the resto, lovely selection of parts. The Chater Lea crank set is very sweet, looks like a decent size chain ring!

As for the a L’Erocia event in the Barossa I’m sure there are enough old bikes in Adelaide or at least pre 1987 steeds to run one.
Count me in.
Would be great to have it made up of some distance say 75 km plus.

Parts list: Chater Lea round arm cranks, 49T chainring (46T also available to be swapped in), Phillips stainless/alloy 333 pedals, GB steel Professional toe clips, Christophe straps , GB spearpoint stem, GB Maes bars (with engraved steel ferrule), Simplex dual bidon holder (chromed), Velox blue bar ends, GB Hiduminium brakes, GB wingnuts (now front and rear), Simplex 3 speed 1/8" TDF gears, Airlite 32/40H hubs (rear: gears and fixed), rims Dunlop Special Lightweight stainless steel, seat recovered Dunlop CL7 narrow (original seat frame chromed and recovered with 7mm thick leather) [Dunlop CL7 standard on way from England this week], shortie guards, Simplex and Huret cable guides and cable stops. Alloy bidons, with corks and drinking straws, woolen jersey with Spearman logo, musette soon to have bike shop 1948 details printed on it. So I am nearly ready for the ride.
thread hijack over

Thats pretty impressive, wish i had the time/inclination into doing up my ashford star, old mate blighty passed it on to me a while back but then i bought several bikes that were younger than my grandfather. Thinking of selling it complete soon.