Frame pump

Hello ladies and gentlemen of FoA.

I have been riding my bike quite a bit lately and getting flats fairly often sucks. I don’t want to keep going through co2 canisters. Alternatively using my tiny mini pump is a pain.

Need some advice on frame pumps. What’s good, what to stay away from and what will fit a carbon frame?

Had a google about but nothing gave me an answer I was happy with.

Dunno about fitting carbon frames (it will depend on the exact shapes of the “tubes” involved) but I’ve had good results with a topeak frame pump (blakey can splatter paint one for you :P).

The pump has a spring in the handle so you compress it a bit and it sticks in your frame. if you don’t have a pump peg you’ll either need a clamp on pump peg (not sure how that will got with teh crabons) to allow the pump to sit under the top tube or run the pump up the seat tube (which means you’ll loose the use of any bottle bosses that may be there. mine came with a velcro strap for extra security but i’ve never really used it.

The topeaks come in a variety of sizes which i think relate to standard steel frame sizing, for a crabon beik going to a shop that has all and trying them out is probably the best bet.

The Topeak or a Zefal HPX to fit your frame, don’t waste your time with anything else.

Also good for whacking dogs and putting into your opponents’ spokes.

I have no peg but mine doesn’t go anywhere.

that Cecil I bought the other day has one, might whack it on the tourer.

that is all.

I’ve got a Blackburn FP-1 and a couple of Zefal HP’s which sit nice on steel frames, but won’t fit my carbon roadie. It’s just a case of finding a long enough (or short enough) straight area to mount it which it won’t slide out of.

ain’t hard

Me too.

You can always use a bit of velcro tape around the pump and top tube or seat tube if you think it might launch itself.

BTW, AFAIC Zefal HPX wins every time but they’re not that easy to find these days.

Thanks Spirito!

Bought a couple of Zefal HPX NOS and one got trashed bouncing out of the frame and also the ‘twist’ bit for the X power basically sheered off during use. So it’s a back-pack commute pump now. The other one I erred not seeing it was car valve only so it only pumps up the pram tyres. Also beware they are numbered 1-4 (eg HPX-2) for size so work out which you need by trying someone else’s.

Thanks for all the answers! Can’t be too hard to track down a topeak one I reckon.

commuter cycles have a good range of sizes AFIR

Hot fire!

Topeak Road Morph. Nothing else. Comes with a mount the goes under the bottle cage bolts, and has a handle that turns sideways plus a fold out foot stand so it actually is a mini floor pump. Flatted the other day and got the tyre back up to 90PSI without too much effort, and have put in 120 just to see if I could without destroying my arms (unlike the time I was challenged to put 120 in with a super mini pump, which I couldn’t do. My arms hurt for two days though).

No probs … still got that 3? If so holla and you’ll get your money back :wink:

What tyres you running out of interest. This thread interests me,
I want one too.

pumps? flats?
is this cleo?

was gunna post pic of randonneur, but horatio seems to have been on the same tack already.