Frame repairs(brisbane)

A friend of mine has a nice Sorenson that has a cracked chain stay(and is actually prepared to spend the money on it). Is there anyone in Brisbane who can do this? it’s an aluminium frame by the way. I know shit all about aluminium frames and the repair there of. Is it worth it? Ridgeways said it could be done, bt dont know anyone up there to do it. Can anyone help?


Joe Cosgrove perhaps? I know he does GTAW, not sure how much aluminium work he does. If he can’t do it I’m sure he can point you in the right direction.

PM me for his phone number. He’s in Moorooka.

Failing that, you could post it to Gripsport for an ugly but functional repair.

I <3 my Soren Son

Cheers Blakey!

I’d go to Joe Cosgrove.
He has done a little work for me and my bro. Both carbon work and aluminum work. Both turned out very well. Down side is that they weren’t cheap.