Frame welders in melbourne

My bike needs some loving between the down tube and the head tude, anyone know of anywelders in the melb area that are able to give my bike some lovin? Angus 0431016992

Ring Jessie at the Bike Bar - Fitzroy.

He’ll sort it out for you good.


THE GONZ, at strictly BMX.

Another one is;

I second that.
But it’s called the “Speed Shop” now, ph: 03 9419 1945. This info is straight from the GONZ at strictly BMX.

Craig C.

i wouldnt suggest gripsport.

he is good at fixing mountainbikes, but nice roadbikes he seems to be a bit rough on.


Save money, just use zip-ties and electrical tape…it fixies everything.

and cardboard…

And WD40

As much as we all love the uber hip ‘Speedshop’, frame repairs are uber $$$$$$, and the speed??? Just ask anyone that gets work done there. We are talking weeks, if not MONTHS…

GonzLab - WORD!

Thanks for all your help, getting Gonz to check it out and see if it’s possible.

One of those options is the best choice. The other two ive had nothing but exorbant prices, long waits and shithouse service.

Thats very diplomatically put of you spud!

I’m not here to piss on anyone :smiley:

in all fairness I’ve had a very good gripsport experience:

Jon is a clever guy who executed the modification well. I didn’t have the masking problems with the powdercoater that some others describe. Ultimately the design failed, but it was my design and I should have had it heat treated. That’s alloooominium for you. Frame’s still my much loved trials bike but back to normal brakes.

  • Joel

“hear hear to that spud”

“hear hear to that spud”

“hear hear to that spud”