This thing has evolved over a few years now… Used to a SS mtb, white, with thrashed out parts, now its blue and blue with white splatter, geared, with thrashed out parts and even some suspension. I have no idea how to put images in anymore, but the URL is


Frame and Fork - Ritchey Ultra (early 90s… not sure when)
headset - Ritchey logic
Hubs- Chris King
Spokes- straight guage
Rims - Mavic 217
Seatpost - Tacoma (or is it tahoma?)
seat - wtb shadow v
stem - Softride
bars- Bontrager
Brakes - Avid SD5
Cassette - XTR M950
Shifter and derailler - Shimano XT M732
BB - Shimano UN72
Cranks - Deore
Ring- RaceFace 46t

100% kick ass.

Girvin softride stem, hello 1993. Very nice.

that stems a brick!
get some new bars, stem, and get rid of the gears! :smiley:
nice hubs btw they look mad

mad hottness.

A brick? heheh… maybe. for short rides i wont use it. For my one big day each year (Sri Chinmoy Triple-Triathlon | Australia) i probably will. tis about 510grams. I run a 2.25" front tire on my other ritchey (offroad one) and a 2.0" on the rear. The extra volume up front gives a little forgiveness on ruts and stuff that i see too late. I can run this stem with a 2.0" upfront I save nearly 200g from in tire weight and give up 230g or so to a cromoly stem or 330g to my Ti stem… that makes me pretty much even. and stem plus fork with 3 inches of travel is still under 1250g… or quite a chunk lighter than any suspension fork on the market to day. But there is no denying it, its pretty shithouse and twists like buggery :slight_smile: i love it.

That bike’s fugly … but also very cool, I like it a lot :wink: