Fransesco trackie? - brissy

mash of parts, but could go cheap

700C retro Francesco fixie track bike suntour gipiemme tange superbe parts/repar | eBay

If anyone is keen on frame only, I would take the wheels.

anyone here?

offer stll on for the wheels

^ you just got a pair of ellipses! how many wheels do you need

Neg. Went for way to much for me.

you should see my shed. they each serve difference purposes.

thanks by the way

no worries, would’ve snagged them myself but the wallet said no

Too high for me too.

It went a bit over the top!

I was going to put a bid of 170 in for this… had an alarm set and looked at 2 min to go… was shocked.

had a bid for 200ish lined up. carazay!

I was in til $350 ish