Freak Bike Accident - Graphic Images

This was on Urban Velo this morning - Ouch X 1 Billion.

Admin: Please include a warning for graphic pics like this. Not everyone wants to see them.

Arghh!.. You have to post a warning about stuff like that!

The guy doesn’t look too fazed by it. Good on him!

Sorry about that - the link says view with caution. I have amended the title so it is more obvious.

I thinks he looks so happy because he is pumped full of more than just strong antibiotics.


as fake as the bolts holes in my head, spud.

HAHA two fingers for Morphine!!! That’s goin to be one hell of a cool scar.

I don’t think any one caught on even after these coments :expressionless:

Say it together now kids p-h-o-t-o s-h-o-p :roll:

Well, i know for a fact trackcunt didn’t shoop his head, so i don’t know what’s going on.

Oh now I’m all confused :oops:

This story reminds me of this picture we got shown at uni.

not off a bike though, i think it was a speed boat accident


You sure he didn’t just slip in the shower?

You sure he didn’t just slip in the shower?

maybe if his name is ‘george of the jungle’

Doctor! The Nursebot 2000 is malfunctioning!