Freakin Windy

Last night I was watching the weather on TV and when “they” said it would be windy thought to my bad self I should change off my extra speedy freaking aero-mofo tri spoke wheel.

At 7am I thought for a second and said to my self fuckit and orff I went on my merry way and throught no more of it.

On the way home I was riding so St Killa road and was blown into traffic by the wind… ooops perhaps I should have swapped out wheels - and so what I thought would be a quick ride home turned into a 45 minute exercise in getting blown but not in the Saturday night or special birthday suprise sense.

Strong wind + 3 spoke wheels = craptown.

Will I change it for tomorrows ride in - nah fuckit it will be raining so I can skidd like the incontinant elderly.

bad times. We had a lovely day. Shame my driveside BB cup pulled out of the frame on the way home.

I have a great image of you being blown into traffic despite the skinsuit…

  • Joel

Try riding a freaking disc on the road…I did myself alot of learning yesterday!!


So it is true there always is somebody out there worse off then you!

Ah I feel better now that I am not the boldest person trying to battle the wind.

But you have a disk - I am suitably jealous and want a disk too.