Free coffee tmrw @Magnation [MELB]

FREE COFFEE at Elizabeth St and Greville St stores.
Just say “mag nation is better than sex” & you will get freebie.
Coffee that is. Today/Tmrw Only

I’ve never paid for a coffee at Magnation.

this shit is dumb and im glad i didnt have to make anyone a free coffee today.


hah… my mate works a couple of doors up from magnation on greville… does anyone on here work there???

is that that crap coffee place that charged me $4.50 for a coffee?

^^ is that directed to me?
my mate runs a bar/club up the road from magnation.

i work at mag nation, but only the city store… i used to work at greville on mondays, waaiii?

free coffee from mag is better when it’s spontaneous :wink:

does it include free milos?