Free frame and crankset in Melbourne...

I have an old Peugeot UO-8 that I now longer want. It has a TA Cyclotourist crankset, with chainrings 54t-64t. Roughly. It’s a big bike, I’m around 6 ft and it doesn’t fit me, so it would be suited for a TALL rider.

Sometime next week, probably around wednesday Im going to lock the frame up somewhere on swanston st, probably on the first block as you head away from flinders towards all the fast food shops.

It will be locked with a single lock, the code is 6245

Whoever wants it can take it because I don’t need it. I bought it a while ago on ebay for bits and pieces, the frame doesn’t fit me so I don’t need it.

But please, only take it if you need it. I’d rather it be put to good use than someone just taking it because they can and leaving it to collect dust in their shed. And please dont take it if you only have plans of selling it. If you only need the crankset or frame, take it and lock the bike back up with the same lock so someone else can take it.

Here is some pictures… (not included is the wheel, chain, fork, handlebars, stem, seatpost, seat, headset etc, beacuse they’re all being used on another build. It is just the frame and crankset.)

Thank you,

  • Paul

Hi, I’m Alex, I crashed (???)'s farewell dinner in St Kilda the other night, I grabbed the frame this afternoon for a taaaaaall friend who’s getting into riding. I left the lock (just in case?) and plan to find all the necessary running gear either at my local bike shops (Lygon St Cycles, or the one just N of Moreland Rd on Sydney Rd Coburg) or with them cycling commies at CERES or Bikefix. Thanks for the frame and I hope to have pics up soon in the new year … <3 <3 <3

Alex, nice one! Saw your new ‘disc’ out at the convent yesterday :slight_smile: So are you going to be using those mammoth chainrings on the project? Or would you er - part with em?

Thanks for leaving the lock !

Hopefully you, or your friend have a lot of fun with the frame.

Haha well we’ll see if Ben can cope with the 62t (O_o) but if not then sure might give 'em up. Might stick them on Sforzando (!) and see how I go too. The cranks are mismatched :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s going to be fun finding a replacement froggy one. (where should I start looking?)

That disc has been great fun, not really any aerodynamic benefits if only half the wheel is covered I think (>_<) yeah we had a work function out at the convent and got a little trashed. Then did something daft a day or so later, rode bike A out to pick up bike B and realised that I’d have to leave A locked there. Hope it doesn’t walk and will have to pick it up properly in the new year.

Hey b0rken, just curious as too what the bikes been up to. Did you ever build it up? Have you given that 62t a go?

hey good rats. ben didn’t end up building up that frame - the dudes at ceres bike shed impounded it, too much rust apparently. i don’t know what happened to the crankset, sorry. i don’t think they were telling porkies just to get their hands on the gear – but they did turn around and sell ben another build instead, on a different (ricardo) frame.

Strewth! you left a lock just sitting there around a pole! OMG!

just out of curiosity, what type of lock did I/we miss out on - hehehehe