Free postage Australia wide

Hi all,
Stoked to jump on board as a sponsor!

Just letting you know we are doing free postage Australia wide on all pre-built stock, until 27th August 2010. So check out what bags are already built here.

This also includes our other gear, including pouches, tool rolls, straps & beernutts!


Hey, Love your products.
Can you give an ETA and appreox price for the new medium backpacks youve got on the blog?
I would love to get my hands on one

Cheers mate!

Our general design process is design, test, send to the abuser team/testers, gather feedback, adjust design, release.

The backpack is still being operated on. We are currently in the test / send to abuser team/testers stage. The testers should receive it next week/week after. They will thrash them for about a month, before I gather feedback. All going according to plan, the Medium should be on the market around early October.

Pricing is still being worked on at the moment; it all depends on features and complexity…


Yeah nice one.
Ill be sure to keep my eyes on the blog.

I too love your products. Love supporting aussies and good products.
Some constructive criticism if i may on the baby candy i have:
-the strap is too short to be able to use as a sash bag, if it were a bit longer the option could be good.
-when i use as a “fanny pak” the strap/buckle does not hold and slips, so i have to keep tightening.
Bag size is perfect for me and have tested its waterproofness and stitching and material is great. Love it but just thought id let you know my feedback and hope it helps.
I mean no offence at all.

Thanks for the feedback!
If you don’t mind me asking, what is the bag number? (on the backside of the white tag inside the bag). We have lengthened the strap on newer builds as some people mentioned the length problem as well. Looks like we may need to lengthen it again if yours is a newer built bag…

As for the slipping when worn around the waist… thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t aware this was an issue.

Send me an email at If you can post it back to me I will both lengthen the strap and make sure it wont slip when worn around the waist.