Freebies - Fuji, Fixie & TV

I have tried selling these things on Gumtree and FB marketplace. I asked for $25 for the Fuji then I tried to give it away. Nobody wants it. So in one week it will go to hard rubbish. It was a nice little bike once and could be again. But I don’t have the inclination or will to to fix it. It’s got Tiagra 9sp & Sora 3 sp chainrings. carbon fork and Alu frame. XS size would suit anyone over 150cm so young teenage or smaller person. I commuted on this up & down the GC trail for 5 years and it was a sweet ride. The bad news is that all cables are rusted and stuck. Front tyre is flat. Needs new bar tape, brake pads etc. Please come and get it or it’s hard rubbish. The fixie is your generic chinese steel frame that cost me $250 in about 2008. the wheels are totally shot such that they jam the brakes. Looks nice with flat bars. Totally unsuited to the 20 degree slopes of Upper Gully. Pick up from Upper FTG only. Also got a working 37" Samsung LCD TV, 10 years old, trying to sell on Gumtree for $40 but nobody wants it. You can have that as well.


Where are you?

Upper Ferntree Gully way out in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Near the Royal Hotel

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Sorry, I’ve been away from Melbourne for too long and didn’t understand the shorthand.

Hey Triple B, you could donate your bikes to Ceres Bike Shed:

There’s probably other similar community bike repair places around.

Another thought is you could check with the rowing clubs and see if they need bikes to ride up and down the Yarra, although a roadie might be a bit overkill for that job.