Freecycle: A LCEF fundraiser.

This is a pretty good idea. Basically members from the LFGSS forum donated unwanted parts to be able to build two complete bikes. The bikes are then raffled off to raise money for the London Courier Emergency Fund. Over £1000 was raised.

Full thread here: Freecycle build = LCEF donation - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

MORE GOOD NEWS… | London Courier Emergency Fund

I did an alleycat where first place won a bike ‘built’ out donated parts. it’s worth noting most of the donations came from messengers.

Arguably worst first place prize ever… nobody wanted to even ride the damn thing!

Woo LCEF! Awesome people running it, help them out as much as possible! Also if anyone wants an LCEF cap hit me up and I’ll bring a bunch home with me. Xoxo.

MDMA needs to do this. This will be done sometime in the future.