freeway bike hike 2013...

saw a few FG/SS, saw a very nice yellow tomasini/chrome lugged roadie, and a nice vintage moser roadie.

1hr50m for me at 37.8 km/h avg, pretty happy with that compared to last years 2.18 at 30.0

Tail wind assist? 37.8 is pretty good on your own

yeh, tailwind, also helps i tagged onto a pretty strong group =D

Not a bad effort Jase!! Massive improvement on last year, well done!

I know Uzii finished with a 42 avg!

Being in Syd means I missed it (obviously) did a 38.1 kmh avg last year fixed into that headwind. Ouch. :frowning:

Hope it was a good day!

was pretty messed up this year actually, even though there were fast/medium/slow holding stages, when they let us go it was everyone for themselves, all groups! bloody spent the first 20km dodgin noobs.

then the last 15kms was full of families and kids! all over the road too, some left, some right, its like they wernt told to stick to one side.

i remember last year they didnt let this group till after the fast group had finished, not so this time, i wouldve done better had i not been playing carmageddon on my bike =(

saw one lady hit the ground HARD in the first 10km, about 5 other groups with smashed bikes and people lying on the floor in some serious pain. nasty.

Yeah I heard it was a bit of a shamozzle like that! DANGEROUS. Hopefully they sort it for next year.

Actual lolz…

Any clowns doing it on MTBs with full knobbly tires? I saw a couple of off-road Freds riding around with camelbacks and lycra in West Perth I was like ‘WTF’ then Carolyn pointed out they probably did the Freeway Bike Hike…facepalm.

I’m going to do it on my BMX next year

yeh, a few of them, actually saw one big guy on a flat bar absolutely hammering it!

bmx and lycra…awesome

I did it in 2011 and it was a fantastic day out on the SSCX. My mate Darcy did it yesterday who did the ride in 2011 with me. He was running his old bastard SS Peugeot, white with red rims. He said he saw a few accidents out there yesterday. That is a really enjoyable day though.

I just dont understand how people can crash on such a straight, wide road. Marty Drdy got caught up in some Fred bullshit last year and ended up hugging a concrete barrier at 50km/h. So much fail out on the Kwinana Freeway, and that’s even without cars!

^ lol@marty

kinda glad we didn’t do it this year, would’ve skidded through a brand new tyre from dodging freds & kids