Freewheel on a fixed hub

has anyone put a freewheel on a fixed threaded hub?
any problems doing it?

Yes…and no.

The thread pattern is the same. You just have less threads engaging the freewheel but that usually isn’t a problem because unlike a fixed cog, the force on the threads is only in one direction.


Screw that bad boy on and get to steppin!

rip into it son!
just make sure you grease the thread, and check that it is the right size.
you’ll know if it isn’t cause it won’t go on easily, or in fact, at all.
they make a couple of different sized freewheel threads, but they are very different, so if it screws on with relative ease, it’s all good.

thanks guys.


why put a freewheel on a fixed thread?
double fixed hub

why ride with a freewheel?
so i don’t have to spin all the way down falls creek

Alpine Classic on a SS? You’re keen.
I thought about it but decided that if you have suitable gearing to get you up, it’s going to be rubbish on the flat(ish) bits. I actually thought about doing it fixed. Maybe you could have the double chainring setup with a double sided hub with significantly different gear ratios and only run one chain at a time depending on whether you’re going up or down.

For my money this is one ride when you definitely want gears although I’m sure there will be a point where I’ll want to do it backwards on a unicycle, just for the challenge =D

do you grease your fixed cogs when screwing them on?

Yes. Do it. Don’t forget to do the same to the lockring either.