When setting up a single speed (1/8th), what would be a good choice of freewheel?

The ultimate is the White Industries freewheels- triple the ratchet engagement or something. Complete rip off though.
And the average is your standard 1/8’ BMX freewheel. I’ve got a 17T cheapy laying around if you want it.

ACS Claws are ok, dont get a dicta one. They are shit.

+2 on dictas being shit, i’ve got one and i uh, cant get it off without ruining the hub

Horatio is wrong. Because he hasn’t ridden a White freewheel all he sees is the price tag.

Yes they cost more than others, but they are much higher quality. And they can be rebuilt. WI sell all the parts individually.

I’d go White for offroad or if you want a freewheel that will last through any conditions without maintenance. For reasonable weather road riding I’d go an ACS or Shimano, but be prepared to clean it a fair bit.

I’m guessing this is the wife’s bike and you’re not looking to spend alot coz it’s not going to be ridden much? Shimano is the answer if that’s the case. ACS is more expensive but slightly better.


there’s no right and wrong snowflake, only opinions… :wink:

But you’re right I haven’t riden on a WI freewheel. Can I ride your single speed and feel the sweet ratchets spinning?

if you can get up early enough on a Saturday.

Which reminds me. This Saturday is one of the best riding days of the year, particularly around 2-5pm.

Go with quality… and just make sure you build it so it doesn’t break down. That way she’ll be so impressed with your fancy mechanical skills she won’t begrudge your future spending on quality parts for yourself.

Or…when it becomes apparent she’ll barely ride it, take the good stuff off and put it on your own bike.

Judging by all the crap in Fed [], I assume the AFL final is on this weekend?

On the other hand, this Sunday is one of the worst riding days, as the streets are paved with glass.

True, nice empty streets on Saturday woo!. But I’ll need to pull out the Gatorskins on Sunday…

fuck living on Swan St during grandfinal weekend.

I’m sorry for you :mrgreen:

Hmm so it’s ACS for reasonable price and qual, or WI for high price and qual.

Des - Half right. A mate is changing his and was wondering which to get + looking for one for Smurfi’s bike too.

Nexus - You make a very good point right there son. I like your thinkin :wink:

The Hor and Snowflake - I live just up the road from some marriage council place, would you like me to make an appointment for the two of you?

I said the ACS was slightly better than the shimano. It’s not really a high quality unit. You can’t compare an ACS to a WI. They are miles apart. In terms of freewheels, nothing comes close to a WI.


I’ve got a WI DOS Freewheel, 16/18t, ridden less than 200kms, that you can have for $100 posted, or pick-up in Melbourne. They are great for a road/dirt ratio combo.

i too have a white industries freewheeel. i love it!
got it for $99 incl postage from definitive cycles in brisbane.

He started it! :mrgreen: