Frezoni / Joe Cosgrove

Joe Cosgrove has an internet presence!

If you have a special frame that needs some work and fresh paint, you can’t go past Joe. He’s also a fine framebuilder.

Bicycle fabrication and finishing. - Joe Cosgrove Cycle Design

IMG_3106 by gbannerman, on Flickr

hetchins18 by fyxomatosis - since forever, on Flickr

Frezoni #15 in the paint booth by ah_blake, on Flickr

IMG_0525 by gbannerman, on Flickr

IMG_0529 by gbannerman, on Flickr

IMG_0533 by gbannerman, on Flickr

NAHBS 2010! - Llewellyn by Dancing Weapon of Mass Destruction, on Flickr


sweet!!! just flicked him off an email to see if he can help me/has any ideas about id’ing my unknown trackie ha ha!!

Thanks for wasting his time.

If it is indeed a frezoni, maybe i’ll give him business to redecal/repaint it. An opportunity more than anything. Thanks for posting the link.

Why not give him the business no matter what it is? Prices look good and his work is excellent.

Hopefully the website will bring in some more real business for the man and recognition of his work.


Here’s a frame you’ll make no money from, will waste 10 minutes of your time and I’m not paying for your expertise or years of knowledge yet if you don;t answer likely I’ll think you’re rude or worse, and I’m expecting you to be a miracle frame whisperer.

put things like “quick enquiry” on your website, expect people to use them, maybe you should all let joe cosgrove decide what is and isn’t a waste of his time

Tend to agree. It’s business, let’s not all get too precious

On a side note i spoke to Joe today again about some work hes doing on a frame for me.
The Guy is such a legend.
My frame was most likely built at Zillmere in Brisbane when he was working for Robert Johnson and building frames under the name Rapallo.
Joe worked with Brett Richardson and Robert before moving on to do his own thing
You can see the Rapallo decal on his tool box in the photo’s above.
Im taking the frame out to him later this week along with another one to have some work done on.
Hopefully the website will generate some good buisnes for him and may be even some more frames to build.

Good news and about bloody time too. I was telling Joe to get a website in the late '90s.