Frezoni Pursuit Triple Triangle commuter with rizorzzzzzzzz

Gyp’s pick does not show how cool this thing is nor how pink it is either.
The colour is perfect!!

Yup built for 650c front. Dropped the Look Ergo stem last night.

@ Spirito - I chucked the brakes together and got excited, took the picture and then realized i had the brake blocks the wrong way around. I like your attention to detail though :slight_smile: Me explaining how it was built is know where near as exciting as Joe explaining it. But anyways back when this was built Joe explained that bending top tubes was a massive deal! He had a guy who was some crazy engineer bend it with him. They welded the ends of the top tube onto two poles, filled it with sand and heated it up, using the weight of the sand and the heat to bend the tube. Other little features like the rear chain stays being bent outwards and the massive scoop in the seat tube for back then Joe said was a big deal for an australian builder and its the only one he ever made.

So it is a frame with some amazing history, but you use it as a commuter??!

Just saying the colour alone makes this a fucking amazing commuter.

hehe … me too !!! It’s a bike, important yes, but it’s still a bike and should be ridden rather than adorning a wall.

Gyps-e - thanks for sharing. Such bended tubing was a big deal for smaller one off makers like Joe. Filling with sand was an oft used option so that the tubing wouldn’t kink or bend, others used a form to make the exact bend they were after, much like bending forks.

I was curious about the scoop on the back of the seat tube. Seems like it would have taken a fair bit of time to do and make sure it’s right and also in the right position.

I dig seeing Aussie builders making one off bikes like this. They didn’t have the budget or resources but many of them really did make stuff just as good (and better/wilder - see 1982 Brizzy Commonwealth Games bike by Geoff Scott) as what the euro’s were doing. I hope to meet Joe one day !!

I really got to photograph the scoop. I had to take a file to the front derailleur, take the bolt which clamps the cable from the back to the front because the cable was hitting the rear wheel. Even mounted on the front its got 1.5/2mm clearance at the most!

that is so ridiculously awesome

love it.

makes me wanna buy the moser andy posted on fxyo today…

that is so ugly it’s beautiful.

This is my favourite bike ever

love it , love to see it for real. a stand out. if i had this it would never be sold.

This is madness…

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tbh this bike doesn’t do it for me.

Gyp what mud guards did you put on it?
They looked great!!

just some zefal ones.

Where from? T7?


Gear Brisbane

^ where’s GEAR?

Can they post stuff out to peeps who live in Chermside Brah?