Frezoni Pursuit Triple Triangle commuter with rizorzzzzzzzz

  • Ex-Queensland Academy of Sport TT frame built by Joe Cosgrove - FREZONI. Only TT frame joe built like this. Joe has explained to me the sweet 80’s engineering behind the frame design and construction, which was interesting.

  • Mixed Campagnolo groupset. Triomphe i think with some C-Record Style Syncro II shifters. Indexed 6speed.

  • H+SON SL42 rims

  • Look Ergo stem + tokyo style rizorzzzzzz

Got an original decal set from Joe which i am getting re-drawn and produced because the originals are so old they crack when you try and apply them.

Rides like a dream! Wheelbase as short as my Colossi, it feels like my track bike which is rad. Probs going to lower the stem ever so slighty and just ordered some clip on fenders for the front and back. When they arrive and i get the decals on i will take some better pictures and show off the rear seat tube scoop etc. Looks abit weird to me without decals on it, i think decals will be the finishing touch it needs before i am 100% happy with it.

i’ve got a soft spot for ridiculous commuters, maybe i’ll do this with my TT frame. crazy seat tube clearance!

holy shit! thats so fucking awesome!!!

gypo! that shit needs some cinelli 84s or 3t moscows…NOOWWWW

+1 on loving ridiculous shit =D

yeah, that is pretty awesome.

Looking good, I need to get some decent photos of the KHS taken. Let me know if you come across another ergostem.

lol look ergo reppin!

Amazing ride but how do you call pron like that a commuter?

Ride it to work.

Love the stem bar combo, looks uber utilitarian funky.

True dat.

Pardon me

Unreal gypo


I like muchly. Where to get a 62cm pursuit frame?

Great ride !!! Looks like a lotta fun.
Care to spill the beans about construction as per Joe’s words?

BTW … are the brake blocks in the right way? And you might need another link or two on that chain :wink:

Your going to need some $$$$ for the USA trip so best you sell it to me.

Its like something you would see cruising down the street in Shunjuku, (except classier) nice work duder

Brilliant… Want !

Ur pic makes for good work pc wallpaper. :slight_smile:

Fucking wild bike dude. Love it.

But i would check that chain length.

Fuckn Awesome though.

So fucking rad. Maybe I will by the Kypo…

haha, this is sweet. the frame is sorta saying “yep, jus’ chillin’”. reminds me of this:

did it originally have a 650 front?