Friday Night Fixed ride ... Brisbane

Hey All …

This friday getting a group together for a Fixie ride.

Meeting at the Big Wheel in Southbank at 6:30pm and headding out from there

On the way back stop for some beers somewhere

Would be cool to see some new peeps

If its Raining we will re-schedule or make alternate plans (skip ride and just beers?)

NOTE: Mods if this is in the wrong place sorry, let me know or move it.

If you are in Melbourne, there is a section called Group Rides. Put it in there

Mod: Moved to Brisbane Meets.

Rac_Dh: You talk more than you should. Make an effort to read more before you post.


Atleast (s)he’s taking initiative guys.

I thought the hole point of the forum was to communicate with others interested in the same thing … Didn’t realise organising a ride would get such a response …

I just want to ride … No Hate

There are forums here whose sole purpose is for organising rides, which you either missed or ignored.

So just take the time to look around before posting. Otherwise, you create unnecessary work for mods.

i might be keen, see how im feeling by the end of the week anyways.

Sounds Rad

you do realise you’re on the interwebs, yes?

oi shithead - what’s your email again? work computor had to get formatted… I think it’s the midget porn that screws with it


What … Damn … Not again

you two always end up having little private conversations all the time, do you realise you’re on the interwebzzzzz?

fixay riaaadee wooop!

I might bail, had a big one (for a school night) last night. try again next week Rac

Will reshecdule for next friday 28th

yay - happy hour @ fridays it is instead!!!

Fridays still exists??? WTF!!!

I went there to see Paris Hilton a few years back.

She was f*cking hot too.

boo! its not even raining…

certainly does - filled with plenty of those wanker cock smoking lawyer and broker types on friday afternoons/evenings