Fright Night Halloween Alleycat

Yo guys, keep sat 3rd of november free!

dress up not compulsory, but highly encouraged,

will be fun to get out and go for a roll with everyone in costume!

Need check pointers? I’m still off the bike another week at least with this sprained foot from polo!

So close to Mrs Ant’s due date to call but if I can I will be there.

There is drugs that can delay it.
But seriously there is, no?
Good luck with it all Dan and mrs Dan

Ha! Scott, see asking the date of this alleycat was not such a stupid question from me after all!

Haha maybe pat… maybe

open to everyone??

Def open to all just make sure you wear a helmet and front and rear lights,
Bring some mates the more the merrier, any bikes are cool it dosnt need to be fixed

ill bring all my friends

i see they already have their costumes sorted…

but on a serious note, what dayne said, helmet/lights and a fun attitude! (and some kind of costume if possible!)

Aww crap. Exams start on the Monday… better not… :confused:

so guys i still need a couple of checkpointers, if anyone cant race it would be muchly appreciated! pm me!

yeah i can help, but it depends on what time they let me out of the hospital. so i’m a maybe.