From the tomato patch

I thought since this is my 500th post I should probably introduce myself.

Hello. I’m Alex, I’m in Sydney, here are some photos of my bikes.

Finally finished putting the Kuwahara together. Now has risers and a clamp-on brake for inner city adventures. more pics here.

Track bike:

Commute/pub/rain/everything bike:

Polo bike:

lovin that tripple triangle kuwahara, where did you accquire that?

Hi Alex! Can’t wait to rub my grubby paws on the kuwahara. Is nice!

back story here:

I’ve since had it painted by Pete at Star Enamellers. Got him to stick some BMX decals on it while he did it. Not so original, but the frame is modified anyway.

[Is there a way I can change the title of a thread?]

are those H+sons going on that kuwahara? would look great

^^please don’t.
have you got suntour pedals on the kuwahara? looks like nearly a full group. very very nice!

yep nice work on the kuwahara. like that suntour especially.

you going to ride with or without a brake?

dirty - your clamp-on brake worked ok yeah?
I have one, I’ll be using it if I take the Kuwahara on a wednesday ride.

Ideally I’d like to set that bike up for the track instead of the street. It’s ironic though: not being drilled for a brake means I can’t really ride it to the track. I don’t have a car, and brakeless on 88 inches from my place to Tempe, via work in the city, would be a bit risky. The solution is to stick a regular brake on the yellow bike - heaps quicker to take off and on than a clamp-on one.

And yeah, the Superbe Pro stuff has been a slow accumulation over the last few years. I guess a seatpost would make it a complete set, but there’s bugger all chance of finding a 27.0 one that’s tall enough (the frame is a bit low for me). I’m more interested in the parts that spin. Besides the Kuwahara post that’s on there is fine, it does the job.
Could only possibly be improved if it had an orange lightning bolt on it.

yep, works perfectly

yep, I had that exact same problem when I was thinking about riding the track last year

bring an orange posca one wednesday and I’m sure we can sort something out for you

got this happening over the weekend. new bike for wednesdays. and sundays. and maybe most of the rest of the week too.

Thats sweet!

That green beast looks really nice mate. I can’t wait to see it being put through its paces.

I think I can say the Kuwahara has been tested now.

Flying down Cleveland St yesterday afternoon, a car coming the other way turned straight across my lane. Didn’t see me at all, I had the sun right behind me. I had a bugger all time to brake and skid, but did what I could and sent myself sideways into the side of the car. Smashed the passenger window and crumpled the door in with my hip.

The damage? A tiny gouge in the seatpost and a small tear in the saddle. The Time Atac made a Time-Atac-shaped hole in the car door but still works fine. Very very lucky. I’ve got some little cuts and bruises but that’s it. Luckily I’d installed that clamp-on brake about an hour before. If I hadn’t installed the brake I would have been a lot worse off, and the police might have thought twice before deciding against the other guy and fining him.

So anyway I was a bit 50/50 about putting the brake on, but I think this has decided it for me.

good to see you and the bike are ok dude! i think you just made up my mind about the brake =)


As long as you dont lose your dustcap those things are super tough.

You and cars just don’t play well together Alex. Hope you’re not too sore after that.