Front Brake caliper to suit 27"

Am chasing a front caliper for my 27" wheeled singlespeed build.

Will a brake caliper, say like a shimano integra suit a 27" wheel

The frame is a late 80’s chromoly


i think you mean Ultegra, and no it probably wont reach.

Tektro do some longreach

Hi Shortie,

I checked that link thanks, do you know from what point you measure brake reach…

Shimano do make an Ultegra long reach caliper:
Not cheap though.

I’m in the same boat. Got a Tektro R556 on order at my local bike shop. Hopefully it stays on the better side of $50.

Did you end up getting that R556? How much?

so did anyone source an R556? I called abbotsford but they don’t have any stock.
They said ~120 pr for them if they have them.

Dan had some long reach calipers last week. Give him a call.

thanks snowflake

I should’ve also said, if he doesn’t have any in stock now he said he can order them easily.